Pro and Cons Of Dental Bridges Vs Implants

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The Dental Bridges Vs Implants question gets asked quite often in the dental forums. People would like to know which is the better option for them. If you are looking at it from a purely financial angle in the short term then dental bridges are a much cheaper option.

But over long term this dental bridges vs implants solution breaks down. The reason is simple bridges are supported on the surrounding good teeth. Over time the load on the these perfectly good teeth causes them to erode. Or you might have to shave down the other teeth in order to get the “bridge” done right. This is the worst aspect of the bridge. It weakens your other teeth while trying to keep your tooth in question. Now, ten years down the line you will be looking at fixing two more teeth. So, it seems like in the dental bridges vs implants question the dental implants are a better option.

But dental implants are not the holy grail too. In the wrong hands your dental implants treatment process can become a nightmare. There are so many things that can wrong – implants might not integrate with your bone, you might lack sufficient bone, your bone grafts may not be accepted by body, your dentist might screw up the whole process, you might eat something hard that can break or loosen your implants.

If you ask a person who has been through such problems about the whole dental bridges vs implants question he might without any hesitation recommend dental bridges as the thing to go for. But in the hands of a good dentist dental implants are in fact a better option as they are long term, save your good teeth and restores the functionality of your old tooth.

In the whole dental bridges vs implants question one more crucial thing to keep in mind is dental insurance. Dental insurance pays for dental bridges as these the more cheaper option. If you go for dental implants then you can’t claim for dental insurance money as they are considered merely cosmetic procedure.

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