Dental Bridges – How Much Do Dental Bridges Cost?

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How much do Dental bridges cost? This question get askes quite often in forums, chatrooms, dentistry boards.

A ball park figure is about $2700 this includes the total cost with crown.

The dental bridges might be lower at dental schools.

If you need to get your current tooth removed then the dental bridges goes up. Some dentists quote upto $3500 (from start to finish). This involves removing the current tooth, doing a filling and fashioning a bridge, and then follow it up with an bridge and a crown.

If you can’t afford the cost of dental implant then you can go for a dental bridge. But dental bridges can erode the teeth on either side. Not a good option if you want to save your teeth for the long term.

Remember the dental implants take long time and it is an expensive process. Also, most dental insurances do not cover the cost of the dental implants.

A break-up of the dental bridges would be something like this

dental bridge cost – $2,000 plus.
dental crown will cost around $700 (if you have insurance).
add to it the cost the tooth removal.
if you have infection or dental abcess then treating them would cost you money.

Dental bridges are usually covered by dental insurance. There will be maximum limit for the payout for a particular treatment in every insurance plan. Similarly, for bridges also there is a limit and the insurance company expects the customer to pay for the rest of treatment.

If you want to go in for dental implants then you should be prepared to pay for it fully. The reason why dental bridges is so expensive is for a number of reasons. Not all dentist can perform the implants as they need further education. Dental Implant procedures are time consuming and there’s a need for the field to be sterile or else it will fail. Not only that, you are talking about dental implant titanium screws which are not cheap – they can cost up to $1,000 or more depending on the type. There is also the lab fee to consider because it is the lab technician who will mould and shape your teeth in the end. You might also need skin or bone graft depending on where the tooth is located so the cost of surgery might or might not be factored in.

If you dentist recommends dental bridges as the optimum treatment option for you, then go ahead and get the treatment done. This will involve some of the neighboring teeth being ground to allow the bridges support and to sit comfortably on your jaw. This undue stress on good teeth can sometimes erode them and cause problems in them. So, you should carefully consider this option. The other choice of dental implants is expensive and involves several steps which might be time consuming and also little painful.

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