Low Cost Dentures For Senior Citizens – What Are The Options For The Elderly?

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Low cost dentures for senior citizens are possible to obtain but it is not always a certainty that seniors will get discount dentures. Dentures are expensive as the process involved in fabricating them and implanting them is a labor intensive process, needs a lot of skill and needs continuous monitoring to ensure its success.

Options To Get Low Cost Dentures For Senior Citizens

Dental Insurance: For low cost dentures for adults a dental insurance is very useful to have. The insurance pays for major portion of the dentures cost. Of course you would have paid the premiums over several years and so the dentures are neither low cost nor free. And if the insurance company rules that it is pre-existing condition then you don’t get paid for your dentures cost.

Dental Plan: This is a discount plan and allows you to get discount dentures. Here the dentists participate in the discount dental plan scheme. So, if you buy one of these plans you become eligible for discounts with the participating dentists. You pay 100-150 dollars for the dental plan. So, check out if the discount or the low cost dentures for senior citizens you get in return is more than the plan cost. Else, it is not worth it.

Medicaid, Medicare: Under these plans some sections of the society qualify for dentures. Dentures for the elderly who need the treatment but can’t afford it may be able to get it under these schemes.

Government grants: Government grants are available for several types’ treatments that people need but can’t afford. The process is not easy as getting the required grants form from the thousands but if you are desperate and need the money it is worth the trouble. You also need to draft a proper application laying out why you qualify for the government grant. You don’t need to return the money, so, this is an attractive option.

Dental School: If there is a dental school near you then enquires if they have “dentures senior citizens”. Dental schools are low cost options as they need patients to teach their students the various treatment procedures. But, most good dental schools have long waiting lists.

Dentists: Some dentists set aside a part of their time for doing free/low cost work. They may offer their services for free but you will need to pay for the materials of the dentures. Low cost dentures for senior citizens is not offered by all but some community minded individuals may do this as a service for a deserving elderly citizen.

Charity Organizations: There are certain charities which get together with local dentists and companies to sponsor low cost dentures for senior citizens, low cost dentures for kids and low cost dentures for adults who can’t afford this treatment. You may have to bear a portion of the costs or it may be offered completely free if the charity is able to muster the required sponsors. Call up the charities or talk to local dentists to know if any such program is on the cards.

The above are a few options to get low cost dentures for senior citizens.

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