How Much Do Overdentures Cost? What Factors Influence The Price?

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Overdentures cost is determined by several factors depending on individual patients. If you have lost all your teeth then going in for overdentures is one of recommended options. Overdentures will sit on top of your remaining tooth roots or implants. This support system of existing tooth and implants on your jaws will retain the overdentures in place and provide stability. These are removable dental devices covers the remaining teeth, tooth roots and implants to provide shape and support for the mouth.

Overdentures are of two types bar joint overdentures and telescopic overdentures. For patients with teeth and strong bone structure the bar joint overdentures are prescribed. On the other hand if you if severe bone loss in the jaws and your teeth are all gone then telescopic overdentures are the usual method to build some kind of support for the artificial teeth to stay in place. Overdentures help improve the chewing capacity for patients with few teeth or no teeth.

When molding the overdentures care is taken to prevent any gaps. This perfect fit stops the entrapment of food particles between the jaw line and the overdentures and the related problems associated with it. The overdentures cost will generally include the cost of the dental implants, the charges for molding the cast to get the right fit for your mouth, the cost of the overdentures and any duplicate you might want in case you lose, misplace or break one. The overdenture cost of set alone is around $2500-$2800.

If you have a few teeth remaining and they are not fit to provide support for your overdentures then your dentist will consider removing them. The cost of tooth extraction will also have to be added to your overall overdentures cost though technically it is not. If you are considering going in for overdentures then you need to also include the cost of tooth extractions. Each tooth extractions cost about $250.

Depending on patient needs and the dentist doing the job of overdentures 2-4 implants are placed on the upper jaw and 2 implants in the lower jaw. This implants help keep the overdentures in place. Each implants costs about $1500 dollars. So, depending on the number of implants you costs can work out to $6000 – $8000 dollars for implants alone. The total overdentures cost should take into account tooth extractions and tooth implants to get the right picture.

If you have any remaining teeth then root canal treatment will be administered to keep the teeth healthy and in proper working order for your overdentures. This costs about $800 per tooth.

So, you need to compute the costs keeping in mind the following – tooth extractions, root canals on remaining teeth, dental implants, molds for creating overdentures, dental appointments and appointments with technicians who will fashion your overdenture set. All these additional costs are also need to be considered when you are computing the overdentures cost to get an accurate picture of your expenses estimate for dentures treatment.

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