Explain Dental Bridges Cost

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Do you know how much do dental bridges cost?

For example a friend wanted to know how much a dental bridges cost in the States. But, to be fair the dental bridges will be much lower in a suburban location in the interiors of the country. If you want them done in Manhattan then you will shell way more. About $2500 seems to fair figure as far as bridges go. But, this is a very approximate cost.

I tried to find the same numbers for England and the dental bridges around 1500-2000 pounds for a 3 tooth dental bridge at private practioners. Under NHS the dental bridges are much lower but the waiting list is painfully long.

Do you qualify for dental bridges under Medicaid in the US? Medicaid doesn’t cover anything beyond tooth removal. Dental implants and dental bridges are simply out of question. A better option for low income families would be to find out if a local dental school will take them in as in-patients and perform dental bridges for them. You can literally halve your dental bridges cost that way.

The quality of care isn’t bad at all. Senior dental professors supervise the students as they perform these procedures so the level of care is quite good.Another option is traveling out of the U.S to get dental implants. In countries like India, Mexico, Romania and other East European countries the dental bridges are low and you get a holiday thrown in along with it.

The reason why people opt for bridges is that dental implants are known to fail and sometimes the cost is too high to pay. But, otherwise it is very much preferred as it is a long term solution for missing tooth problems. Let’s take a look at the steps involved.

What are the steps in a tooth implant procedure?

First a hole is drilled in your upper jaw bone and a metal stent inserted into jaw. Takes upto 4 months to heal. Then the false tooth in attached to the stainless steel stent.
How long does it take to heal?

The procedure takes from 3 months – 6 months for the inserts to heal.

How much does tooth implants cost?

Depending on the dentist whom you select the tooth implants costs between $1,800-$3,500.

What is most important thing to consider before getting tooth implants?

Find a dentist who is very experienced, has the expertise and training to do tooth implants. Choosing a bad surgeon can result in major problems that can take a lot more dollars to fix.

To avoid some of the above problems and also taking cost into consideration some people opt for a dental bridges.

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