Types Of Dentures – Learn About The Different Options In Dentures

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Here we list the different types of dentures and the various options available to people needing replacement for their original teeth. Original teeth need replacement when they are lost due to age, disease or accident. Sometimes we lose one or more teeth due to accident in this case partial dentures or dental implants are an option. As we grow older we lose a large number of teeth and sometimes all the teeth in this case we can go for full dentures or dental implants for the whole mouth. Dental implants are perfect for replacing lost tooth but they are very expensive.

Types Of Dentures Explained:


In the types of dentures we learn a little about overdentures here. This was a standard procedure till modern dentistry, anesthetics and surgical methods came into its own. Here a removable teeth replacement device is placed directly on top of the rotten or broken teeth. An artificial tooth was placed on this device. This was often the only option open for people with rotten or cracked teeth in the olden days. Today overdentures are placed over dental implants.

Standard Dentures:

Among the different types of dentures in use the standard dentures are suitable for people who are missing all their teeth. The upper dentures use the suction effect to stay in place. This type of dentures teeth needs a large area to for the suction to be strong enough to stay in place and also for stability of the denture. Lower dentures stay in place due to both suction and gravity.

Immediate dentures:

These are also known as temporary dentures as these supposed to be place for the time the gum heals when a new set of permanent dentures are fashioned for the patient. These immediate dentures are placed directly on to the site of the tooth extraction. As the extraction is done under location or general sedation patients don’t feel the pain when the immediate dentures are placed in the place of the original teeth. Pain might be experienced a few hours later and can be controlled through pain killers. The dentures themselves help reduce the pain. For many the immediate dentures become permanent dentures. Some patients might have problems and will need to replace them with permanent dentures after the gum is completely healed.

Cu-Sil* partial dentures:

Cu-Sil is the one of several types of partial dentures and is great technique to retain original teeth and replace the missing teeth with artificial teeth. In this technique the Cu-Sil partial dentures are molded leaving holes for original teeth to poke through. Gaskets around the natural teeth allow for the suction to keep the dentures in place and giving stability to the whole system. These have not been very useful for people with many teeth that are distributed around the mouth.

Implant Dentures:

Implants retained dentures are dentures that placed over implants drilled into the jaws of the patient. The implant made of titanium screw is placed in the jaw and allowed to heal. The screw integrates with the surrounding bone and becomes a strong support on to which the replacement teeth are screwed on. This is one of best options for replacing teeth. But the cost is prohibitive. It can be cost $2000 dollars for each implant. For a full mouth restoration you will need to pay a huge sum of money.

Mini implants:

This is becoming quite popular as the procedure is simpler and faster than standard implants retained dentures. Here a mini titanium screw is placed in the gap where the teeth need to go. There is no long waiting period for the implant to heal and the teeth are placed on the implant. This is done under local anesthesia and whole procedure is over in about an hours’ time. This is suitable for people with very little jaw bone as the implant is the size of tooth pick.

The above few types of dentures are some of more popular methods to replace missing teeth.

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