The Ceramic Vs Metal Braces Debate: Which Is Better?

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The Ceramic Vs Metal braces question is asked quite often as people consider braces treatment either for themselves or their children.

Treatment Time – Metal braces are stronger and can take more force without failing. Dentists feel confident in applying the pressure to force the teeth into position. Ceramic braces are more brittle and prone to breaking easily. As such the dentists are reluctant to apply the maximum pressure for fear of the brackets breaking up. So, the time taken with ceramic braces to correct the same problem is longer than with metal braces. This can around 6 months longer on average

Aesthetics/Looks/Appearance – Aesthetics wise ceramic braces are much better as the brackets are tooth-colored and blend in with the surrounding tooth. Metal braces stand out and you can’t hide it save keeping your mouth permanently closed.

Removal problems – Once the treatment is done metal braces are easier to remove. Ceramic braces being brittle break off and some parts can remain attached to the teeth. This will need to be removed using a burr or other tools

Number Of Visits – Ceramic braces need more number of visits to the dentist as he will need to adjust the pressure and do it with smaller increments over longer period of time unlike metal braces which can take extra force without failing.

Costs – An important factor in ceramic Vs metal braces debate is the cost. Metal braces are cheaper as they are mass-produced. Ceramic braces are on average $500 to $1000 dollars more expensive.

Work For Dentist/ Training – Any dentist can fit in metal braces. It is only the lingual metal braces that need extra training for the dentists, as the procedure is a little different to regular metal braces. Ceramic braces also need extra care and bit more training as they are fitted on the mouth and attached with strong glue and plasma light.

When Suited/Not Suited – Metal braces are suited for correcting most bite and jaw problems. Ceramic braces are suitable for correcting only alignment problems. Complex jaw problems cannot be set right with ceramic ones. Your dentist will recommend which is the best option for you.

Patients shy of metal – Ceramic braces are recommended for those who refuse orthodontic treatment because they fear metal braces. They take a little longer to achieve the same results as metal braces. But it is better than not taking any treatment at all.

Staining Problems – Ceramic braces don’t stain but their ligatures stain and it can look unseemly to have stained bands. Regular cleanings are important whether you wear ceramic or metal braces.

Chipping/Breaking problems – Metal braces do not break or chip. Ceramic brackets are brittle and they break and chip easily. It is important to take extra precautions with ceramic braces and replace the broken or chipped brackets by visiting your dentist. Dentists do not advice ceramic braces if you play contact sports, as they tend to break easily.

As you see from the above ceramic Vs metal braces debate each has its advantages and your treatment options will depend on your teeth problems. Your dentist will recommend certain options based on his/her experience and your teeth condition. It is better go with the suggestion to get the best results.

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