Orthodontic Braces Prices – Which Braces Are Most Suited For Me?

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Orthodontic braces prices vary depending on the type of brace you go for. There are several types to choose from. You can choose the Invisalign braces which are made of clear plastic and completely invisible, or Ceramic braces which are ceramic brackets that blend in with your natural teeth or go in for Clear or Ice or plain old metallic braces.

Gone are the days when there was only one choice – metallic braces and whether you liked it or not you had to go for them. Many teens and young people developed self-image issues during the treatment period, which can extend to over 2 years. School and college going kids got bullied by peers and were made fun off. Also, many people put off treatment to correct their various alignments and bite issues, as they did not want to be seen with metallic braces. But, metallic braces are the best treatment for correcting many problems most effectively. They take the lesser time than other braces and also the rate of correction is also high. These are the strongest braces and apply a gentle, consistent pressure on the teeth to help them align correctly.

The orthodontic braces prices vary greatly. So, it is difficult to say with authority how much a particular braces treatment will cost. For people who need minor teeth corrections the braces may cost just $250 dollars. For others requiring complex jaw surgery and teeth misalignment, overcrowding of teeth the cost of braces treatment may be higher than $7000 dollars. Others might need treatment that will cost somewhere in between.

Again, these prices are for one location. Prices for orthodontic braces differ from place to place mainly because the overhead costs vary. Again dentists charge varied amounts for different procedures. Some dental offices will offer discounts if more than one member of the family is having braces done.

The prices discussed above are for metallic braces. For other types of braces the prices vary. Usually they cost more than the standard braces. For example ceramic brackets can cost $1000 dollars more. Invisalign braces cost more. Usually adults go in for invisible braces to straighten their teeth.

There are different payment options available to pay for the treatment procedure. You can make the whole payment upfront and qualify for a discount. Another option is pay in small installment over the whole treatment period or pay it off in 2-3 big installments depending on your ability to pay and what the payment plan the dentist if willing to offer. Some dentists offer installment payments provided you pay an interest others may not charge any interest. Another option is to go financing through banks or other companies. The bank pays upfront and you pay the bank back.

Even if you have dental insurance remember that dental coverage rarely pay for the full orthodontic braces prices. They will pay part of the charges. Usually there are limits on the kind of treatment, the maximum annual payout and so on. So, you can expect the insurer to pay a part of the braces cost only.

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