Lingual Braces As An Alternative To Metallic Braces

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Lingual dental braces are suitable for adults and teens as they are placed behind the teeth and are not visible to other people. These braces look like the usual metallic braces only they are placed at the back of the teeth and hence are invisible. Patients can undergo the treatment, as it is cosmetically more appealing. These dental braces are custom made to each patient’s specific requirements and are then bonded to the back of the teeth. Braces apply continuous and gentle pressure, which pushes the teeth to go back to original positions.

Lingual braces are not suitable for people/children with tiny teeth or certain teeth conditions. They are more expensive than standard braces and less expensive than Damon ceramic braces. Also, not all dentists are trained to put in lingual braces, which have to custom made for each patient. People take more time to get adjusted to lingual braces than standard braces and it is more difficult to get adjusted to these braces. All types of braces are used to correct the under bite and over bite known as malocclusions, misaligned teeth, gaps and overcrowding. Applying metal braces corrects these problems and helps people to have more even and beautiful smile.

It takes 2-3 visits to get lingual braces fitted. In the first visit the impressions are taken of teeth using a plastic mould. The moulds are used to create custom lingual brackets for each of the teeth. Each of the brackets are then removed and set in wax and then put into a plastic applicator. On the second visit the cement is applied to the back of the teeth and each bracket is then placed at the back of the teeth. The plastic applicator is removed once the cement sets and the arch wire is then threaded through each of the brackets. The wire is designed for the ideal position and it tries to pull the teeth back into position applying gentle pressure on the teeth.

Once the braces are fitted in the patient will feel a slight discomfort and tenderness for a few days. Swallowing will be difficult. The patient will lisp till he learns the correct way to get around the braces. Otherwise with in 2-3 weeks they should get used the braces. Eat soft foods and talk more to get adjusted faster to the new braces. It’s important to maintain good oral health and clean dental habits when wearing lingual braces. Rinsing or brushing after meals is a must. Go for regular checkups to see that the teeth are healthy and there is no plaque buildup. As teeth caught up between the teeth and brackets are visible to you it is best to get the dental cleanings done at the dentists.

The lingual dental braces takes around a year or two to show results. Lingual braces are less effective than normal braces and its takes specialized training for the orthodontists to place these braces. In contrast any dentist can put in standard braces. As more options in invisible braces are becoming available lingual braces are not your only option for straightening your teeth.

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