Invisible Ceramic Braces – For Those Who Don’t Want To Look Bad While Undergoing Braces Treatment

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Invisible ceramic braces are a blessing in disguise for people who need braces treatment but are reluctant to get it as they feel that it makes them ugly and unattractive. These tooth-colored braces are both invisible and also help in correcting many of the tooth alignment problems. Complex jaw problems can’t be corrected with these braces but misaligned tooth can be rectified.

Braces are used to gently apply pressure on the teeth using the arch wire and elastic bands to get into their proper position. This pressure has be to sustained and prolonged over a long period of time. You don’t need to find a cosmetic dentist to get your braces done. Braces are no dental implants. Any dentist is trained to do braces. But ceramic braces need extra care and time for fitting.

Most children will metal braces with out too much fuss. But if your child feels that he/she can’t be seen dead in metal braces then ceramic invisible braces are a good alternative. You need to plan how much you are willing to spend extra on your child’s braces. These ceramic braces can cost around $1000 dollars more than metal braces.

Those who hate to wear metal braces prefer ceramic or teeth colored invisible braces. These brackets made of ceramic blend in with your teeth as they are the natural color of your teeth. They are invisible when seen from distance. Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces in most respects and are quite effective in correcting most minor teeth alignment problems. The ligatures or elastic bands are also colorless and hence it is impossible to distinguish between teeth and braces. One disadvantage is that these bands can get stained. But, as it is easily replaced that’s not a major problem.

In fact there are number of options available in invisible braces category. Invisalign is one; clear plastic braces are another of the invisible braces. There are lots of brands in invisible braces. Pick good brands that make good quality braces. Some of the companies make cheap quality braces that fail easily or get stained and look quite bad. Ceramic is best as it does not stain only the ligatures get stained which can be easily replaced during your monthly visits. You can try the self-ligating braces if you do not want to be seen with stained ligatures. Or you can avoid eating foods that tend to stain your braces.

Cheap quality plastic braces stain easily and have brought a bad reputation to plastic clear braces. Go with reputed brands and you shouldn’t have major problems with staining. Invisalign are the best in plastic braces. They are trays designed for each person separately and are removable which are both an advantage and a disadvantage. You can remove while eating and so it does not stain. But, you can also forget to put it back in which is a big disadvantage to your treatment process. The sustained pressure on the teeth needs to be maintained for long periods of time over several weeks or months. If you wear for 5 days and forget to wear them for the next two days then you will set back your treatment by several days as the teeth will go back to their original positions without the pressure on them. This is where the advantage of fixed braces comes in.

Invisible ceramic braces a good option, as they are both fixed and also invisible making them doubly attractive.

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