Denture Implants Prices – How To Get Good Denture Treatment Without Getting Ripped Off?

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Denture implants prices on average cost about one fourth of regular implants. Regular implants costs between $2500 and $4000 per implant depending on where you live. These denture implants are smaller and thinner than standard implants and are mainly used to anchor the dentures for patients who have problems with dentures not fitting properly or slipping out.

Dental implants procedure is generally done to replace a missing tooth. You might have lost a due to age or because it has gone bad and needs to be extracted or due to an accident. A surgeon, or a general dentist, will place a titanium implant in the jawbone at the site of missing tooth. It then takes several months (about 3 to 6 months) for the bone to fully heal around it. This process is called osseointegration. Then an abutment is screwed into the implant and finally a crown is fabricated and cemented over the abutment. Your general or restorative dentist does both these procedures.

Denture implants on the other hand are a simple and straightforward method. First, the patient is assessed to see if he is a suitable for the implant procedure. Once, it is determined that they can have treatment the dentist places the mini dental implant in the place where dentures will be anchored. Next, the denture is fitted onto the implant and the patient is free to go home. The whole thing can be on the same day unlike regular implants. Hence the price of denture implants is much lower than regular implants.

Denture implants prices also vary based on who the dentist, his experience in the field, how successful he is in implants and the location where he practices. If his clients include the rich and the famous he may charge very high prices. A dentist who treats ordinary folks will charge a much lower price.

Choose an experienced dentist who has done a reasonable number of tooth implants with fair amount of success for your denture implants treatment. Only through experience do the dentists gain knowledge about the various problems that patients face during the treatment process. An inexperienced dentist might do a straightforward denture fitting well but might flounder when faced with problems or complications in implants.

At a dental school the prices of mini dental implants will be about half of what a normal dentist will charge you. For example in Detroit, at the University of Michigan you will be assigned to a student if you want the lower price but the students are not inexperienced. The professors and actual dentists do come in check what the students are doing step by step to make sure everything looks good.

Denture implants prices vary from Illinois to Massachusetts. As you travel from the coast to coast you will see a wide variation in the cost of mini dental implants. In the Midwest the prices may be lower but as you go south the prices may be higher. Again the same day implant price is higher in the richer towns and cities than in the suburbs and rural towns.

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