Cost Immediate Dentures – How To Calculate The Cost Of Dentures

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Cost immediate dentures are an often searched term on the Internet as people are looking for information to determine the cost of immediate load dentures. The price of immediate dentures differs depending on many factors including the dentist you choose, the type of dentures you need, the treatment process and the location.

Let’s take a look on the important factors that affect immediate dentures costs

1. Dentist

2. Location

3. Type of Dentures

Dentist – The dentist is an important factor when it comes to the cost immediate dentures. You might wonder how a dentist can make such a big difference. A general dentist might charge you $1000 for the dentures while a trained prosthodontics could charge you $5000-$6000. The prosthodontist undergoes extra training after their dentistry training is done and generally charges more than regular dentists. On average it was found that a prosthodontist charged $500-$1000 dollars more. But, you get the satisfaction of getting it done by a trained and qualified dentist.

Location – Location is another important factor in cost immediate dentures. In some parts of the country the costs can be pretty low and in others it is almost double. This difference in location has more to do with overheads. Some areas are generally expensive in terms of office rents, cost of maintaining staff and equipment upkeep. Where these costs are lower the dentist is able to offer dentures at lower costs.

Type of Dentures – As a patient you might need partial dentures or full dentures. You might be missing only a few teeth or the full set of teeth. The cost varies depending on how much works needs to be done to fit you with the dentures. So, the cost upper dentures may be lower than cost complete dentures. This includes the pre-fabrication and post-fabrication work and the cost related to it.

Dentures involve a lot of work related to taking measurements, getting molds of the jaws, putting in the artificial teeth and so on. According to many dentists many patients need a lot of aftercare too. The dentures sit on the gums of the patients and as the bone recedes the dentures no longer fit. This causes them to slip out. So, the patients’ needs to be refitted many times in their life-time to keep the dentures in place.

Rate immediate dentures may or may not include the cost of the permanent dentures that will need to put in about year after the immediate dentures have been loaded. The immediate dentures are loaded as soon as the original teeth are extracted into the bleeding sockets in the jaws. It does not hurt much as the patient is still numb from the extraction. A little pain a few hours later can be easily contained with some painkillers.

The gum heals and the patients are usually back in a year’s time for their permanent dentures. For some patients the cost same day dentures is the final cost as it become their permanent dentures. But, not all patients are happy with the temporary ones as these are fabricated as a short term measure and don’t fit very well and need to be replaced.

So, taking all these factors into mind it is clear that cost of immediate affordable dentures varies widely. Get some references from friends and family, get quotes for cost immediate dentures from a couple of dentists and choose the one who is most competent and with whom you are comfortable to get your immediate dentures.

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