Cheapest Dental Implants – Where To Get Dental Implants Treatment For Affordable Prices

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Where can you get cheapest dental implants in USA? If you live in an area with a University nearby that has a dentistry program then you might be able to get cheap dental implants. Many dental schools offer reduced rates as students are trained to do implants in these centers. The patient is not left at the mercy of student dentists instead the students are supervised by experienced professors who guide the students every step of the way.

Many American citizens have got their implant treatment in dental schools. It is an affordable alternative for those who do not have adequate dental coverage or dental insurance to cover their dental treatment costs. People who have had their dental implants done at the universities are quite happy with the work as the cost works out about one third of what they would at regular dentists.

It’s not easy though to get into dental schools for dental implants treatment. There are long waiting lists and not all schools take in patients. You need to register with them in advance and wait for suitable slots to open up. And as students will be learning each step as they go along, you will have to be prepared to spend long hours in the dental chair. What you don’t pay in money terms you pay in terms of your time.

Dental implants are expensive because it is an exact science and the implant dentists have to train for years for this and need to gain experience to be successful. So, be careful whom you choose. In your quest for the cheapest dental implants don’t sacrifice your oral health. The dental professional must be skilled at placing dental implants or at least be under supervision of a teacher who is skilled at placing them.

The average cost of dental implants is about $3000 US dollars. Dental insurance refuses to pay for implants unless it can be proved that it was due to an accident for which you will need documentary proof. If you have medical insurance then this part may be covered by it. Read the terms and conditions carefully and look at the exclusion clauses. If in doubt call and find out but mostly you will need to do this research yourself.

It is important that you find dentists who do good work for reasonable costs. Dentists know their cost for doing dental implants and different people will have different needs. So, if yours is a straightforward implants case then your dentist should be able to give you a discount on treatment. Negotiate with the dentist or look around and get quotes from other dentists. Most would charge a little less then lose a patient.

If you need only one dental implant a surgeon can do it in about 15 minutes. Mini dental implants also take similar amount of time. This is a daily procedure and $1200-1500 is fair price for this procedure.

The restorative dentist will simple screws in an abutment and then takes several impressions of the area where the teeth will go in. A fee of $1000-1200 is fair for this part of the procedure. The more expensive areas are New Jersey and New York City where dentists charge $4000 to $6000 for these simple procedures.

Another option to get cheapest dental implants is to get treatment abroad in places like India, Thailand, and Romania where you get the best of care for reasonable costs. You can even choose to vacation in these places while you get your treatment done.

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