What Is The Cost Dental Implants?

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The cost of dental implants varies. For example the two teeth right next to the front teeth the cost dental implants worked out to $6,0000. This included the cost of dental implants and the crown. Dental implant prices vary any where from $2000 to $4500 – for a single restored tooth supported by a dental implant. But the price of dental implatns can increase significantly in cases where additional procedures are needed (bone graft or sinus lift)

It is worth going for a consultation because each case is different depending on the tooth that is missing. Your dentist will determine whether you have enough bone to support the post. Some people will need gum grafts, treatment for infections etc. It is better to get the dental implant done as soon as possible after losing the tooth to limit bone loss in your jaw where the implant will go.

The bone grafts are usually covered by dental insurance. So, the cost dental implants comes down. Most dental insurance do not cover dental implants but they do pay some money based on if you would have had a bridge instead. You can check with your dental insurance company about this.

Why do people need dental implants?

The cost of dental implants is high but still people go for implants. People need mini dental implants to help replace missing tooth which could be a result of illness, bad genetics, or accident. This helps restore the functionality of the missing tooth. Also, it helps restore the smile particularly if the missing tooth happens to be front tooth.

After Dental Implant Surgery:

The first couple days to a week after your dental implant surgery will be a little rough painwise. You need to be extra careful to protect your dental implant from impact. Avoid eating hard substances until the implants heal completly. If you don’t take sufficient precautions you costly dental implants can fail and that can be a major blow.

Complications And Cost Of Dental Implants:

Implants can fail due to various reasons. To minimize failure choose a dentist with loads of experience and good training. Otherwise the cost of affordable dental implants will be nothing compared to the cost you will pay for correcting the problems.

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