Tooth Extraction: Dental Implants And Extraction Of Tooth

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Tooth extraction of rotten teeth is sometimes done to facilitate dental implants which are used to replace missing tooth. In order to place the implants first the old rotten tooth is extracted. In this expensive procedure the patient is first assessed for suitablilty for dental implants. His overall health, his habits, his oral health are all assessed. Then it is decided whether or not he is a suitable candidate for implants.

Without making this initial assessment going for dental implants is foolhardy. Also, in the present day dentistry the maximum effort is put in to save the tooth and suitable treatment process is followed. Only when all else fails do they go in for tooth extraction. You can check out for more information in this subject by searching for dental implants, tooth extraction and dental implants on a good search engine like Google or Yahoo. There is a lot of information out there on the subject and it can be confusing to go through professional websites with lot of technical terms.

You can look for the pros and cons of going for dental implants or for more cheaper alternatives like dental bridges after tooth extraction. You should check why dental implants are better in the long run. Dental implants sites are dime a dozen on the web. Read carefully and decide for yourself if the information on the site is trust worthy. There are many trash sites out there pretending to give you lot of dental implant information. Beware of such sites. They are just made for adsense sites that don’t bother to give you the correct information.

Research the dental implant websites but take their advice with a pinch of salt. Talk to your dentist for more authentic and reliable information. Look for official dentistry sites or other authority sites. Tooth extraction is a good starting place to find basic information. Using this information you can more informed questions and raise valid doubts with your dentist.

Remember tooth extraction itself can be painful sometimes. Dental implants involves surgery and placement of a titanium implant in the jaw. Of course, the whole process both the extraction of tooth and dental implants placements will be done either under local anestesia or general anestesia depending on the complexity of procedure. You will also be given painkillers to deal with the pain after the effects of anestesia have worn off.

Dental bridges can be also used as replacement for missing tooth after the tooth extraction is over and done with. This is cheaper and less painful method as there is no surgery involved in placement of bridges. But, the bridges can cause harm to surrounding teeth by eroding them.