Orthodontics Invisible Braces – Invisalign, Ceramic Braces, Lingual Braces

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There are many orthodontic invisible braces options available for people who need to correct their orthodontic problems. A few decades ago metallic braces was the only option for correcting imperfect teeth, misaligned, crooked and teeth with gaps, overcrowded teeth and those with bite problems. People who hated to be seen with metal in their mouth tried to avoid wearing braces and suffered with their various orthodontic problems.

In order to re-align teeth it is important to apply a gentle and sustained pressure on the teeth to force them to come to their proper places. In the absence of such pressure the teeth won’t budge from their natural positions. Over the years the metallic braces themselves have improved and become sleeker and comfortable to wear. Many alternatives to standard metallic braces have also developed. These options include the Invisalign, Ceramic Braces and Lingual Braces.

Invisalign – These are invisible braces that come in the form trays customized to your particular needs. It is highly unlikely that anyone will notice you are wearing these braces unless they look closely into your mouth. Invisalign are highly popular choice as adult braces. It is important that you wear these removable braces for at least recommended number of hours for it to be effective. Forgetting to wear them or leaving long gaps in between defeats the purpose of the braces.

Metal braces use metal wires and screws to apply pressure while in Invisalign the teeth are enclosed in a plastic tray. The plastic tray is molded to fit the shape of your mouth.

Lingual Braces – Lingual braces are mounted behind the teeth and completely invisible from the front. These are metallic brackets that mounted at the back of each tooth. Lingual braces are customized for each patient. Dentists need to be specially trained to mount these braces on patient’s teeth. Also, each bracket is cemented to the back of the teeth. Lingual braces are similar to standard braces in terms of their action and results. They take a little longer and need special cleanings every few weeks to prevent plaque build up. Food particles may get stuck in the braces on the back of the teeth and you may not know it. Dental cleanings are very important to prevent infections and cavities.

Ceramic Braces – Ceramic or tooth colored braces are used for people who hate to wear metal braces. These ceramic brackets blend with the natural color of teeth and are invisible when seen from distance. The brackets are made of ceramic or hard plastic when it is known as clear braces. These are similar to metal braces in all other respects. The bands are clear plastic bands. These bands, which are replaced every month, can get stained when eating different foods. It is important to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush twice a day to keep your ceramic braces looking like your natural tooth.

There are other braces like brackets made of hard plastic called clear braces and another brand known as ICE braces. When made of good quality materials the braces are good to use. But the low quality plastic braces stain easily and that defeats the purpose of wearing braces that don’t show as these brackets clearly show up after staining.

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