Mini Dental Implants Price – Is It Cheaper Than Regular Implants?

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Mini dental implants price is about one fourth to one third the cost of a regular implant which can cost from $2500-$4000 per tooth. The price varies depending on whether you live in California, Illinois, Massachusetts or Manchester. Most insurance providers do not cover implants. Some do cover dentures and bridges.

Mini implant is not like dental bridge, which rests on neighboring teeth. They are directly placed in the bone. They are much smaller in size and thickness than a regular implant. It’s as thin as a toothpick and is mainly used to support dentures. But, advancements in implant science are making these mini dental implants better everyday. Mini implants are strong and will last the entire lifetime of the patients if maintained properly.

Regular Dental Implants

Regular dental implant is a titanium tube like piece called stud to which the tooth connects. This stud is implanted in your jaw. A healing period is allowed with the implant integrates with the jawbone. At this point of time it is uncovered and the actual porcelain tooth, which has another titanium piece on the inside of it, is then inserted into the tube.

This is a two-step process and takes about 6 weeks to heal till the final placement of the teeth. Standard dental implants are used to replace individual teeth as well as for entire mouth restorations. These implants can hold whole piece prosthesis, which is both beautiful and permanent. Cleaning is also easy.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants can support only dentures. But it is a reliable and simple way of keeping your dentures in place. For mini implants surgery to succeed the jawbone needs to be strong and substantial. Your dentist will assess whether you are a right candidate for these types of dental implants.

The mini dental implants price is on the higher side but the benefits they provide are immense. Very few people are happy with their dentures. Most suffer from embarrassing problems like slippage, wobbling, discomfort and pain especially for the lower dentures. This is because over time as the bone deteriorates the dentures don’t fit and can slip out.

The single day implants have come as boon for denture wearers. The mini dental implants are used to anchor the denture to the remaining jawbone and the dentures are fitted over the mini implants. The whole treatment process can be completed in just a few hours time. Thousands of people who wear dentures have seen a dramatic improvement after being fitted with same day implants as they can eat, talk, smile and laugh normally again.

Regular implants dentist can do mini dental implants too. Usually a dental implant dentist will be a member of one of these organizations the Academy of Osseointegration, American Academy of Implant Dentistry And International Congress of Oral Implantologists who are all qualified to do implants surgery. Mini dental implants treatment is available any where in the world whether you live in Melbourne, Australia or Philadelphia, USA.

If you can afford it is better to go for full dental implants unless your dentist recommends otherwise. Some people are not suitable candidates for regular implants. Mini dental implants prices will work out higher in the long term if you need to replace them some time in the future.

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