Low Cost Dental Implants – Is Dental Financing Available For One Day Dental Implants?

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Where can I get dental financing as I need $2500 for one day dental implants. Will Credit care help me? Is there a minimum credit rating requirements for getting dental financing from them?

Credit Care is a company that works to help finance things in doctors offices. So, they should be able to help you if you have a reasonable credit rating. They provide financing for dental work like one day dental implants and many dental offices take it. I don’t know if you can get approved with bad credit, but I have seen people get approved that I honestly didn’t think would get approved. Might be worth a try.

Another option is to go through your local welfare office. This option is open for people who are really destitute and can’t afford any dental or medical care without dental financing assistance from the government.

Try to make a payment plan with a good dentist for your one day dental implant. Explain your circumstances to your dentist and ask for deferred payment plan. If you are able to convince them about your ability to repay over a longer period of time they may be willing to take you as a patient.

Another option is to go to a local dental school near you. Find a university near you that has a dental program and find if they will take you as a patient. You can good quality cosmetic dental care but not sure whether they do one day dental implants. Students and supervising professors work on your teeth and the costs work out much cheaper.

The dental schools are cheaper but it’s takes a longer time to all the work done. Find out how you ┬ácan register and start your treatment. For instance at the Memphis dental school you have to call the school on the first weekday of the month. The whole month’s appointments fill up before 10am that first day so start calling early. The one day dental implant work is top notch and it’s less than half price.

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