Dental Implants From Nobel Biocare – How Long Does It Take To Get New Dental Implants?

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How long do I have to wait to get my new dental implants from Nobel Biocare? This question gets asked often. For some the treatment process seems to take forever.

Another question often asked is what does one do during the period when teeth are removed and you are waiting for Nobel Biocare implants. Do we have to go around with holes in our mouth?

First, Nobel Biocare or any other implant take time because

* Your old teeth is pulled out.

* If there is underlying infection or abscess that needs to be treated. This may take time.

* A titanium screw made by Nobel Biocare is implanted in your gums

* It has to be given time of 6-8 weeks to heal and bond with your bones and gum.

* After that a prosthodontist takes measurements to get you fitted with dental crown.

* You are then fitted with a crown which is cemented on to your implant.

* The last step may take a few visits to get it right.

So, the whole process can take from 6-8 weeks if everything goes well. If you are getting more than one dental implant than the time required will increase accordingly. This applies to just about any implant procedure not just from Nobel Biocare.

If your underlying bones are weak then you may need bone grafts which again will increase the time required to do the grafts. A bone graft can be man-made or from a cadaver. You have to wait to make sure the body accepts it. Same with gum graft. For a gum graft the tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth and stitched around your tooth to help stop recession.

If the condition of your teeth, gums and bones are very bad then the implant process can take long time depending on the number of new dental implants you are planning to have. Nobel Biocare implants are known for their reliability and low rates of rejection.

In the intervening period you can have filler tooth or temporary tooth placed in the gap. You cannot chew with this so you need to be careful about it. If the teeth is way back then you can go without a tooth till your implant procedure is completed and nobody will know. There are implants available from several companies that will do well. Whether you choose implants from Nobel Biocare or some other company what matters is that you have a proper procedure done by experienced professionals.

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