Dental Care – Tips For A Healthy And Scintillating Smile

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Dental care for your teeth is as important as taking care of body and soul. Just like exercise and eating healthy food is important for the body, taking good care of the teeth is important too. Tooth care starts even before a child is born. It is important for parents and adults to know about dental care tips in order to help everyone in the family have naturally healthy and strong teeth.

Dental Care Tips For Babies

Even before the baby is born it is important for the mother-to-be to avoid certain drugs like tetracycline which causes staining of the teeth.

After the baby is born it is best avoid feeding sugary drinks, milk and juices while the baby is asleep. This is because the drinks will pool around he baby teeth causing decay and damage to tiny teeth.

If you are nursing the baby then don’t let the baby continuously or through the night as it is bad for their oral health.

After feeding the baby food, drinks or milk, it is best to clean the child’s mouth with a clean, damp cloth to prevent any residue from sticking to them and causing damage.

As the baby reaches toddler stage and has started sprouting teeth it is best if the adult brushes the teeth for the children as they still do not know how to do it right. Keep teaching them the right method of doing it as you brush for them.

Fluoride is important in strengthening the tooth enamel. Drinking water supplies in most countries is already fortified with fluoride. If you are not consuming tap water than you get fluoride drops from your dentist or pediatrician for your baby.

Dental Care For Children

Children are prone to tooth decay and cavities as they consume foods loaded with sugar. Blame the modern culture where every food seems sweet. We have culture of eating too many sweet things right from chocolates to fizzy drinks, flavored milk is loaded with sugar and even the morning cereals if full of sugar.

It’s an uphill struggle to keep your children from getting tooth problems. You need to help them learn good oral habits like brushing after every meal and if that’s not possible to thoroughly rinse the mouth after consuming any food item.

Consuming acidic fruits also causes damage to teeth over the long term. So, after eating fruits like oranges, apples and mangoes, either drink some milk or eat some cheese. Foods containing calcium neutralize the acids and protect the teeth. If possible rinse and brush teeth after consuming such products. Try to consume acidic foods as fast as possible.

Let the children drink sweet drinks and juices using a straw as this minimizes the contact of the liquids with your teeth.

Regular dental visits and routine check-ups are must as your children are growing up to detect problems early and fix them before it gets any worse.

Dental Care For Adults

Quality dental care for adults is just as important as children and babies. As we grow older the ill-effects of a life time of bad habits will come to roost. To prevent further damage ensure that your brush 2-3 times every day.

Avoid fizzy and sugary drinks. Instead opt for plain water. Wines and alcohol containing high sugar content are also not going to help your teeth.

Floss to help keep the gaps between the teeth clean. Help prevent plaque buildup which cause tooth decay. Instead brush with fluoride toothpaste. Use mouthwash to prevent plaque build-up.

Most dental problems if detected early and treated can help save teeth. Letting a teeth to rot and decay can lead teeth loss.

Most adult dental problems can be treated quite successfully by dentists. So, make sure to keep your dental appointments and get quality dental care on time for healthy life.

Quality Dental care is an important part of having healthy and fulfilling life. Bad teeth and tooth ache can be nightmare to deal with. Most adults who have had these experiences will agree that they would do anything to not go through those bad experiences again. The above dental care tips are a great start to make. Consult your dentist for more specific ideas or regime of dental care that you need to follow in order to have great teeth.

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