Dental Bone Graft – Is It Neccessary for Implants?

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Does everyone that gets a dental implant need bone graft?

No, not really. Not everyone needs Dental Bone Grafts. Whether you need Dental Bone Grafts will be decided by your dentist after checking your jaws. If you have sufficient amount of bone and bone height then you won’t need Dental Bone Graft.

How long does Dental Bone Graft take to heal?

Normally the Dental Bone Grafts takes 3-6 months to heal.

Are they different type of Dental Bone Graft?

There are several types of bone grafts. You could have an extraction site graft, a sinus lift graft, ridge widening graft.

Is it painful to get a Dental Bone Graft?

Yes, it is a painful procedure. So, usually it will be performed under local anesthesia. So, you won’t feel the pain during the procedure. Post surgery the dentist will usually prescribe antibiotics and pain killers. You should be fine. It takes up to 6 months to heal but the pain usually go away after a week or so.

Only if you catch an infection does it really become painful. You will need to see your dentist if you do.

Is bone graft for dental implant safe? Is it an effective procedure?

Dental Bone Graft is safe procedure. This is done when the patient lacks sufficient bone to place an implant. Yes, it is an effective procedure both for restoring function and aesthetics of the patient.

What’s the success rate of a Dental Bone Graft? How likely is it that the Dental Bone Graft will take, grow, and allows for successful implantation a few months later?

The success rate is at least 90 – 95% for Dental Bone Grafts. A few things that can cause failure include age, osteoporosis, smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, existing infection in your gums and any autoimmune condition you might have.

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