Cost Of Dental Braces – Types Of Braces And Their Costs

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Cost of dental braces varies depending of the type of braces you choose and the nature of your problems that need correction. Major problems, which need deeper corrections and lot of involvement of the dentist in the treatment procedures, will cost higher amounts than simple corrections, which need minimal intervention by the dentist. Young teens and students are the biggest chunk of the population who undergo braces treatment. They are at an age when permanent teeth are all out and final alignment of teeth is known. It is also the time when treatment is most effective as the jaw is still malleable to external pressure.

Braces work by applying gentle pressure on the teeth and slowly nudge them to move and reposition them to the required places. The braces are metal brackets that are mounted on the teeth. The arch wire is then threaded through the brackets to provide the force necessary to realign the teeth. Elastic bands are used to keep the whole appliance under slight tension. These bands are changed often.

Standard braces are made of stainless steel. Technology has improved braces to make them sleeker, more effective and more comfortable to wear. Still, metallic braces are not favored by a large number of American adults who hate to be branded as metal mouth by their peers. The metallic smile is not every one’s cup of tea. For these people other new types of braces have come into the market.

Ceramic braces are tooth-colored braces that blend in with the teeth. The ligatures or elastic bands are also colorless. These ceramic braces are popular as they are strong and effective as braces as well as aesthetically appealing. Sometimes the ligatures can get stained if you eat and drink food items like coffee, tea, and berries and smoke cigarettes. These bands are replaced during the monthly visits to the dentist. But, if you had planned to keep your braces treatment secret then it would not be possible if the ligature gets stained. So, avoid these types of foods and use an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth twice daily with regular toothpaste. Cost of ceramic dental braces is higher than metallic braces. The costs can be higher by $500 dollars. These highers costs are independent of dentist fees. Also, the treatment period is slightly higher with ceramic braces. You will need more follow up visits than standard braces and the removal of the ceramic braces is a little more tough as the ceramic or clear plastic braces can become brittle over time.

There are other cosmetic braces available like Invisalign. These are invisible trays that have to worn by the patient in order for it correct the imperfection in teeth. As these are removable trays patients don’t wear them as much as they should and sometimes they forget altogether. The whole treatment can become ineffective and waste. So, if you plan on going for removable braces known as retainers then you have to be committed to wearing them whether you like it or not for the required number of hours. The cost of dental braces is higher for these than other types of braces as they are customized for each individual patient.

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