Cosmetic Dental Insurance – Is There A Insurance For Cosmetic Procedures

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Cosmetic dental insurance or insurance for cosmetic procedures is not specifically available though some companies offer orthodontic dental coverage. Insurance is mainly meant for life-threatening conditions and for major illnesses where you can’t afford treatment costs. It is meant for medical emergencies that we can’t plan for in life. For routine conditions and routine treatment most insurance companies make provision for a certain amount of annual limit. When it comes dental insurance very few conditions are life threatening but most treatment procedures are highly expensive. So, people opt for dental insurance for self or for employees of a small business in order to get at least part of their expenses covered in the future.

Braces, dental implants, correcting the misaligned teeth, professional tooth whitening, crowns, and veneers, bonding can all be considered cosmetic in some respects. They may not be needed to keep you in good health. Dental insurance places a limit on the amount of payout for some of these procedures like braces, implants and veneers. Others like tooth whitening are not even covered.

Usually braces, implants and veneers cases are dealt with individually and the dental administrators verify if a procedure is important for the well being of the person. If the dentist and patient make a case for their procedure the insurance company might approve the maximum limit that is allowed under the plan. But in most cases only a part of the maximum is approved.

If you are undergoing a purely cosmetic procedure it is highly unlikely that you will get a benefit from your dental insurance. There are other options like credit financing where banks and other financial institutions will approve loans to you for undergoing the treatment. You will need to pay it back with interest over a period of time. To be approved for such loans you will have to undergo credit checks. If you have a good credit rating you should be automatically eligible for a loan.

Even dentists themselves offer these sort of dental financing plans where you will them in installments over the course of the treatment. Ask your dentist if they allow such payment plans. It is easier to make small payment over longer period of time than paying everything up front. If you pay in full in the beginning you may qualify for some discounts. Ask your dentist for this and compare quotes with a few dentists before you decide.

Even if you have dental insurance, which cover all types of treatments, they will still not cover dental implants, which are considered cosmetic and experimental. Also, excluded are treatment sought for sports related injuries. Cosmetic and orthodontic treatment also is not covered in most plans unless you specifically buy plans, which have these options. Other medical problems not covered include oral cancer treatment, treatment for severe abscesses, salivary gland treatment. Again dental insurance has maximum limit on how much they will pay for any treatment, annual limits on the payout and type of treatment for every condition should be least expensive alternative treatment (LEAT) option. Remember, cosmetic dental insurance operates on the principle of what is usual, customary and reasonable for a particular treatment.

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