Clear Dental Braces – The Pros And Cons

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Clear dental braces refer to ceramic braces or clear ceramic braces. These braces have become popular alternative to metallic braces. If you look at ceramic braces pictures you will have to peer really closely to notice that the person is wearing braces. A great advantage of ceramic braces is that it is strong and can work as well as metallic braces. The treatment may take a little longer. Most people qualify for ceramic braces unlike Invisalign and Lingual braces. For people with severe alignment problems or bite problems ceramic braces are not recommended.

Ceramic braces for teeth are made of ceramic or strong, hard plastics. The ceramics blend in with natural color of teeth and function effectively in correcting teeth alignment problems. These braces are bonded with your teeth using a plasma light. They will stay in place as long as you treat them well. The clear elastic bands that come with the clear braces help camouflage the appliance.

But these braces at the end of the treatment period can become brittle and little hard to remove. It takes more time and is also a little more difficult. Metallic braces on the other hand are easy to remove. Another clear brace that is available in the market is Invisalign. The plastic retainer is invisible and you can talk and go about your job normally and not a soul will notice that you are wearing them. But, again these braces are highly unsuitable for complex problems.

Modern braces have evolved and become much more sophisticated. No longer are they bulky and feel like you are carrying something heavy in your mouth. They are more comfortable to wear and are small and smooth. Each bracket is individually crafted and designed to maximize the results and minimize the discomfort. These clear ceramic braces are mounted at the front of the teeth like standard braces. But they go unnoticed by people.

These are suitable for people who baulk at the idea of wearing metallic braces and look ugly according to them. Certain foods and beverages too can stain clear braces. Mostly it is the elastic bands that get discolored. When stained the braces stand out and people are sure to notice. But if you take proper care of your ceramic dental braces then this problems won’t arise. Brush regularly with electric toothbrush, floss and go for regular teeth cleanings. Once the stained elastic band is changed for the clear band at your monthly check-up your braces will again be not obvious to others.

There are certain problems associated with wearing ceramic braces. Sometimes, the brackets may come lose or it may be discolored. Sometimes the force of the bite of the upper braces may shear off the lower braces. So, a combination of ceramic braces for upper jaw and metallic braces for lower jaw are used. Ceramic braces cost are higher than metallic braces. The prices may be $500-$1000 dollars higher than standard braces.

As you see from the above discussion there are pros and cons to using clear dental braces.

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