Clear Ceramic Braces – Get Your Teeth Corrected While Looking Good

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There are a number of choices available today for people who want to go for braces to correct their teeth problems. Clear ceramic braces are one of many options open to you. Other options include Invisalign, Clear, Ice, Plastic retainers and more. Ceramic braces are more expensive than metallic braces. All the other types are also more expensive and less effective in terms of correcting the problems of the teeth.

Your dentist or orthodontist will assess your situation and look at the problems that need to be corrected and will decide on a course of treatment. For several problems braces like lingual and Invisalign will not work. You dentist will decide which is the best type of braces for treatment. With in these limitations he may offer some choices to pick a particular type of braces. Again, the dentist may not be fully trained to give certain braces. Lingual and other braces need specialized training. In such cases again your choices are limited. Also, you budget plays a major role in deciding which braces to go for. The cheapest braces cost around $6000 dollars. Other braces can set you back by a few thousands more. Dental insurance usually does not cover cosmetic braces.

The ceramic braces, made of composite materials are very strong and do not stain easily. Some of the companies making these clear braces include Clarity, Transcend and Mystique. Younger people usually don’t mind metallic braces as lot of their peers also wear these and the colorful bands that go with the standard braces look funky and cool. Also, most parents are looking for functional and effective aids to correct their children’s teeth problems. The aesthetics are not their top priority. Older people going in for braces like these ceramic braces as they blend in with their teeth and don’t look too obvious. Adults really don’t want others to know that they are treatment done for their teeth. Also, these braces are better than clear plastic braces in moving the teeth into alignment though they are slightly less strong than metallic ones.

You need to take good are of your ceramic braces as the ligatures are easily prone to staining. The stains make them more obvious. The rubber bands that go with your braces are usually white or clear like your braces. Consuming foods that can stain can make these ligatures take on the colors easily. These bands will be changed every month during the monthly adjustments of your braces. But stained bands are clearly visible and defeat the purpose of ceramic braces.

The ceramic bracket does not stain easily. They blend in with surrounding teeth and from a distance people can’t make out that you are wearing them. But it is best to keep them clean. Brush with an electric toothbrush at least twice a day and more if you are eating foods like berries and curries. Brush with non-whitening toothpastes. Whitening toothpaste won’t whiten the ceramic brackets and will only whiten the surrounding teeth. This will make your smile look patch or spotty.

People find them more comfortable to wear, as they do not irritate the gums like metals do. Ceramic braces are quite strong and do not break easily or come off. When bonded with teeth using plasma light they will stay on your teeth just as metal brackets. Treatment with clear ceramic braces may take longer than with normal metallic braces.

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