Cheapest Dental Implants – Is It Okay To Go To A Dental School To Cut Costs?

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A concerned young man has this question to ask on dental cost forum, “I have been advised to have a dental implant in the last molar in the left side of my lower jaw. The cheapest dental implants quoted seems very high. What is considered a fair price for this procedure?

The answer: cheapest dental implants are around $2000/implant. The cost of dental crown on the implant comes to another $1800. So, the cost will be around $4000 dollars. If you need bone grafts and/or other procedures then the cost can go up. The cheapest dental implants quoted is for one tooth.

If you live in the UK then the cheapest dental implants is about £1,000 plus crown £200-£300. The dental implants price can upto $3500 per tooth.

But, I heard that at dental schools the price of dental implants is much cheaper. Does anyone know how much cheapest dental implants will come to in a dental school? Are the students reliable? Do they perform under the supervision of an experienced dentist? Is there a dental school in Tampa?

The general assumption is that at a dental school that the cheapest dental implants will be about half of what a normal dentist will charge you. For example in Detroit, at the University of Michigan you will be assigned to a student if you want the lower price but the students are not inexperienced. The professors and actual dentists do come in check what the students are doing step by step to make sure everything looks good. Mini dental implants are a lot cheaper too.

At University of Detroit Mercy you can see a student or an dental instructor as you wish both at half price so it depends on where you go. Though the appointment takes longer and there is also a waiting list of patients the lower cost dental implants was worth the wait. And a teacher comes to check it out every so often. So, these cheapest dental implants works out quite fine.

There are 2 dental schools in the state of Florida – Nova Southeastern is in Ft Lauderdale and University of Florida at Gainesville is in Gainesville. Both should be accepting patients for their clinics. Try them out and cut your cheapest dental implants by half.

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