Cheap Retainers – Types Of Retainers And How Long Should They Be Worn?

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Cheap retainers are a must to keep the teeth in their new places. Otherwise, the teeth will slowly drift back to their old positions before braces treatment. Once the braces are removed you will need cheap dental retainers to help the teeth remember their new positions. Your dentist will prescribe the number of hours per day and the number of days that you need to wear the retainers before you can completely give them up.

Retainers can be worn at night or even during the day. Normally it takes around a year or more for your teeth to learn to retain their places. In the initial days you will need to wear the retainers all the time that is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week except when eating. After about 6 months your dentist may allow you to wear it only during the nights and or wear it for few hours every day.

Options For Cheap Retainers:

Permanent Retainers: These are cheap retainers that are permanent and fixed behind the teeth. These are glued to the teeth and take time for the wearer to get adjusted to them. Also, you tongue will have some trouble with these retainers. These are more often used for patients who might have major relapse if the braces are removed.

Plastic Retainers: Clear plastic retainers are not cheap dental retainers. They are invisible and have the advantage of not being noticed by others even when you are wearing them. People who don’t want others to know that they are using them can opt for these cheap mouth retainers. These are quite comfortable to wear but you need to keep it away from hot water as it can warp or melt it. These can’t be used to make any corrections in the teeth or their alignment.

Acrylic retainers are used retainers in case some final correction of the teeth alignment is needed. The wire that runs across can be tweaked and your teeth adjusted. The wire retains the teeth in place and also helps in minor adjustments of teeth. These cheap teeth retainers are the most widely used by dentists.

Your dentist will generally decide on different types of cheap retainers you can go for after evaluating your case. Go by the dentist’s recommendation for best results. You might wish to wear plastic retainers but your dentist might recommend the acrylic ones or the permanent ones.

It is important to keep your cheap retainers clean. They tend to get dirty and smelly. Use the dental cleaning solutions recommended by your dentist to clean it. You might need to soak it for a longer period of time to remove the plaque buildup and kill the bacteria.

Many people misplace their retainers when eating at restaurants and diners. They remove them while eating and forget to put it back on when leaving. It is best to carry your retainer case with you when going out so, you can put away the retainer in its box when not in use. If you accidentally drop it or put it in hot water the retainer can get damaged. Also, being somewhat expensive it is not funny at all to lose your retainers. You will need to go back to your dentist to get the retainer remolded and redone. So, keep your cheap retainers safe and wear them always.

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