Ceramic Braces Prices – Is It Comparable To Other Braces?

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Ceramic braces prices will vary depending on the type of treatment, the length of treatment and the place where you live. If your teeth needs a lot of corrections for misalignment, for overcrowding and to reduce the gaps then naturally the costs will be higher. But if it pretty straightforward then the treatment costs will be proportionately lower. You may find the prices in London, Sydney and Boston are higher compared to say in Phoenix and Costa Rica.

The brackets are either ceramic or manufactured from composite materials. As they are translucent in color they blend in with your tooth. These braces come in various shades of white and off white and you will find one that matches your tooth color. People who sport these braces can almost pass off as if they are not wearing any as it difficult to detect them from a distance. Most importantly it does not stand out like metal braces do. So, you can smile confidently and talk freely with out having to hide your mouth behind your hands.

These braces are more expensive than metal braces. The reasons are many. One, the ceramic brackets are costlier than metal brackets. They take more effort on the part of the dentist to put the braces on your teeth. So, the dentist will charge extra for the additional time he spends for ceramic braces fitting. Dentists need special training to fit ceramic braces as they have to mounted on each tooth and attached to it using a strong adhesive and plasma light. These braces are by nature brittle and have lesser strength compared to metal braces. So, dentists use lesser force to move the teeth more gradually in order to prevent brackets failure.

In the course of the long treatment it is likely that a few brackets might crack, chip or break. If it happens you will need to go to your dentist to get them replaced. Your dentist might charge you extra to replace them. This adds to your ceramic braces prices. Metal braces in that respect are sturdier and chances of failure are slim. Also, the dentist can use the maximum force needed to re-align your teeth without fear of the braces breaking off like in ceramics. Despite these clear advantages metal braces have clear disadvantage of being unattractive to a teen or young adult.

Ceramic braces consist of with tooth-colored ceramic brackets that held together by a colorless arch wire and colorless elastic bands or ligature. The brackets are mounted on the front of teeth. But as it colorless it does not stand out and hence is the preferred choice of millions of people around the world. Only the ligatures get stained if you eat foods like berries, curries etc. Even if you go for teeth whitening the ceramic braces won’t be affected only the surrounding teeth will get whitened.

But before you are fitted with these appliances your dentist will assess whether you are a suitable candidate for ceramic braces. Some problems like jaw corrections cannot be set right with ceramic braces. In such cases it is best to go with metal braces or what ever your dentist recommends. Ceramic braces are costlier than metal ones. Ceramic braces prices on average are about $500 dollars more when

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