Are All On 4 Dental Implants The Best Option Available To Replace Missing Tooth?

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All on 4 dental implants are one of the best options available to help replace lost tooth. People lose teeth due to various reasons – age, disease or accident. Whatever the reason it is possible to get normal “looking” teeth. As long as you have healthy gums you can get all on 4 dental implants that are pretty good substitutes for natural teeth.

All on 4 dental implants perform an important role in life the person who is miserable after losing teeth. It restore their smile, ability to speak and eat comfortably and also gives them back their self-esteem and improves self-confidence. Dental implants science has made rapid progress and recent advances have made dental implants more reliable and easier to integrate with your bones and gum.

Yes, Technology has made all on 4 dental implants more affordable and successful.

As dental implants experts gain experience in treating implant patients they have been able to avoid the problems that lead to implant failure in earlier cases. As more research data and information becomes available almost every day the success rate of the cosmetic dentists in implants placement is also increasing.

More and more dentists are going in for advanced implants training and continue to update their knowledge and gain from experience of others experts in the field. All on 4 dental implants are artificial substitutes for natural tooth roots. The implants – small anchors shaped like screws or cylinders – are placed into the jawbone. Replacement teeth are attached to the part of the implant that projects through the gums. Used for many years, dental implants are effective, natural-looking replacements for missing teeth.

Through a process called osseointegration the all on 4 dental implants becomes part of your jaw over time as the bone heals. Osseointegration happens due to the direct contact between the implant surface (predominately titanium oxide) and the surrounding bone. The union of titanium implant and living jaw bone is the scientific achievement which restores the function of the “tooth-less” jaw to an almost natural state.

You no longer have to hide your smile behind your hand or stop socializing just because of missing tooth. Even if you have gum disease it can be treated and new implants put in after treatment of the problem and this can be done on the same day too with all on 4 dental implants.

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