An Overview Of All On Four Dental Implants

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All on four dental implants are dental implants that are placed on the same day. It is a product of Nobel Biocare. The all on four dental implants is a tapered dental implant system that has been designed to provide primary stability and help in placing accurately. The all on four dental implants has accurate, uniform thread design right upto the apex of the implant and this allows a close and intimate fit into the bone of the jaw.

Also, this design allows for the complete contact between bone and all on four dental implants for its full lenght helping to give greater stability to the implant. The tapered design gives the all on four dental implants the look and feel of an actual tooth.

The Biomet all on four dental implants helps dental surgeons to go for immediate or same day implants. This cuts out the long waiting periods when patients have to wait for months for the dental implant to heal before abutments and crowns can be loaded on to the all on four dental implants.

The new design allows for the all on four dental implants to be placed immediately after bone grafts. It allows for simultaneous grafts and implant placement. The all on four dental implants can be placed immediately after tooth extraction. The advantages of this new design system are that patients no longer have to go around with gaps in their mouth, they don’t need to wait for long to get new teeth, this cuts down on the bone and gum receding and subsequent problems related to that.

The all on four dental implants shape and design promotes head start for bone integration, its domed shape apex prevents any potential damage to nerves or surrounding tissue, tapered design helps it to be placed even when the site location is having roots of adjacent tooth and the thread angles promote better anchoring with the bone which helps in primary stability and accurate placement of the tooth. Thus, making the all on four dental implants a good choice for both dental surgeons and patients for the long term success.

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